Christopher L. Jorgensen 2 minute read
June 22, 2017

AAPL is DOOMED for sale!

Make an offer.

So here’s the deal. I think the idea for this site is great: an aggregator for all the negetive Apple news and especially all the people who write daily about how AAPL (Apple’s stock ticker) is DOOMED! I even like the domain name. Unfortunately I don’t have the time I would like to design or maintain it properly.

I’m confident a site like this could become profitible is you monetized it with ads. I know I’d visit nearly daily. There’s got to be other people like me that take great delight in reading about how my favorite company is on the precipice of failure.

So make me an offer. Drop me a line:

Of course I’ll throw in the twitter handle for free:

Any reasonable offer will be considered. All I am selling is the domain itself. Content and design and everything else is up to you.

Or you can just wait until the domain expires in 2021 and hope you get it.