Christopher L. Jorgensen 3 minute read
June 5, 2017

WWDC 2017 Predictions

I'll probably get it all wrong.

Because I like to prognosticate, I am going to lay out what I expect from the Apple event today for reals.

I think people are going to be disappointed, but that’s a safe bet. People are always disappointed in Apple.

But regardless, I don’t see them announcing anything that’s too exciting for the average person. This is the Developers’ Conference after all, not MacWorld. For some reason the keynote has taken on the pageantry of the MacWorld announcements, and this is where the new stuff often gets announced, but I just don’t see anything exciting getting launched today…with one potential exception (which I will get to in a bit).

So what will we see?

  1. Watch OS
  2. MacOS
  3. iOS

That’s it. Sorry to disappoint.

So what else may we see? Well, there’s this myth that Apple doesn’t announce hardware at WWDC, but that’s just plain deliberate ignorance. The Pro was announced there. The iPhone was launched there. I believe the Air was as well, and perhaps the iPad. Sometimes Apple has a separate product launch, but just as often they will do them at WWDC.

There’s incredible pressure on Apple right now to release new hardware. Even their most ardent fans are frustrated with their current lineup. And the wanna-be pros are pissed as well, but I don’t see them wasting people’s time with refreshes. Perhaps a preview of the new Pro, but I doubt it. It’s too far off for them to go showing now. So if there are refreshes of the productline they will be silent refreshes.

The one exception I mentioned above? This Siri speaker thingy (or whatever you want to call it). They may announce this today. It’s probably going to disappoint as well, since people are expecting it to fight Alexia or whatever google has, but it’s most likely a Sonos challenger (I am not the first to make this observation). It’ll sell like mad though, and I’ll probably be buying one sight unseen!

What you won’t see:

  1. No new displays.
  2. No new wireless devices.
  3. No new Airs.

These are dead dead dead.

No new minis, no new iMacs, no new laptops, no new iPads. At least not announced during the kyenote.

No new software. Mayeb a new Music app, but I doubt it.

I’m not even sure they will announce new phones. Honestly, that’s the one thing I don’t really have my finger on. Wouldn’t they hold its own event for that?

Well, we’ll see.


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