Christopher L. Jorgensen 1 minute read
June 27, 2016

Apple Double Leak Delivers iPhone 7 Bad News

Apple Double Leak Delivers iPhone 7 Bad News

Millions anxiously await Apple AAPL -3.84%’s upcoming iPhone 7, but a pair of new sources revealing its major changes suggest you might be better off focusing on the radical Galaxy Note 7 instead…

I thought we were supposed to wait until the iPhone 8 for major changes? That’s what the pundits have been telling us. They say the iPhone 7 will be boring and dissapointing, even though no one’s seen it, they know it sucks.

Let me make sure I have this correct, the millions of people waiting for the new iPhone should consider a Galaxy Note 7 instead? I am guessing most those people would prefer a colonoscopy or a boring iPhone 7 to a Galaxy anything.

Seriously, I want free drugs. Who’s giving Gordon Kelly free drugs?

Anyone know if Kelly gets paid to write this shit?