Christopher L. Jorgensen 1 minute read
June 17, 2016

iPhone 7 Sucks! iPhone 8 rocks!

Apple: Is iPhone 7 Already Doomed?


If there is a singular consensus among Apple pundits right now it’s the iPhone 7 is going to suck. There will be nothing of note, no innovation. The iPhone 7 is gonna blow chunks, but don’t worry, the iPhone 8 will be amazeballs! Yep, a phone that’s not out yet, is going to be way cooler than another phone that’s not out yet, sight fucking unseen! Booya!

Note: I only linked to a small percentage of the people who have written articles saying the iPhone 7 is donkeyballs. I’ve got better things to do than make links all goddamn day, but suffice to say, I could if I really wanted to. Could too!