Christopher L. Jorgensen 1 minute read
June 13, 2016

Pressing Apple to Innovate Doesn’t Play to Its Strengths

Pressing Apple to Innovate Doesn’t Play to Its Strengths

Still, Apple’s normally festive Worldwide Developers Conference begins Monday under something of a pall. The company’s first quarterly sales decline in 13 years has many people asking whether it will grow again. They also want to know how Apple, with its healthy supply of cash, could make that happen.

The conventional answer is “create a totally new product line,” or its cousin, “unveil something no one has done before.” That is, Apple should try to out-innovate its competitors.

That is a terrible idea. It runs counter to Apple’s strengths, as well as its growth trajectory.

I agree with this. Apple could stop making anything new, just update what they have, and it would be decades before they stopped making obscene piles of cash.

No one is looking for profit though, they are looking for insane and unsustainable growth.

The idea that Apple lets others create its markets is an old narrative as well though. Apple is colored as an electronics company, a disruptor, or and a used-to-be innovator. No one just wants to let Apple be Apple.