Christopher L. Jorgensen 2 minute read
June 1, 2016

Apple’s Going to take it on the Chin for 3-year iPhone Refresh Cycle

Apple’s Going to take it on the Chin for 3-year iPhone Refresh Cycle

Apple is already facing criticism for the still rumored features of the next iPhone, due for release most likely in September. The new model will sport a better camera, faster processor, audio over the Lightning connector instead of a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a body design that’s nearly identical to the iPhone 6s.

Apple is getting criticism over the rumors of its next phone. Let that sink in. Apple’s new phone sucks and is a disappointment because it’s rumored to suck. I love how Jeff Gamet goes from “rumored” to stating what the next phone will be. Sucky Lightning connector instead of a 3.5mm headphone jack! Damn you, Apple!

Without a fresh look, the argument goes, the new models won’t convey a feeling of forward momentum for Apple. It’s also a sign that Apple can’t innovate any more—a complaint that’s been tossed around since before Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO.

I’m tired of the Apple can’t innovate” crowd. As far as I am concerned these people suffer from sexual disfunction and rather than getting a therapist they just bemoan (and moan) that Apple hasn’t come out with anything exciting since the calculator in System 7.6.

For the record, I agree with everything Gamet writes here.

I think this will negatively impact AAPL. I think it will only further the narrative of Apple losing whatever it is that makes them special, but these people have never understood Apple (or AAPL). You will never see an innovative phone from Apple again. Ever. At least not by how most pundits define “innovation.” To these folk innovation isn’t steadily improving incrementation, no small steps for Apple, no, they need the giant steps for mankind for there to be innovation.