Christopher L. Jorgensen 2 minute read
May 26, 2016

Are Apple's glory days over?

Are Apple’s glory days over?

I have a confession to make. While I really liked System 8.1 (and even System 9.2) my favorite Apple OS has always been, and will always be, System 7.6. I have a love affair with 7.6. You would boot that baby up and watch your extensions load one by one, and there was no singing in, no undo waits. Apps launch quickly, and your time from boot to work was minimal. Sure, you were typing on a 6 inch screen, and there was no internet (porn still came in magazines), but you could memorize your app menues and you could walk your mom through a problem, over the phone, while drunk and barely awake. “It just worked.” And you didn’t have to worry about learning apps like Pagemaker or Photoshop becasue they were like $1,000 a piece and they only way you could afford them is by pirating them. Besides, for the most part, the most exciiting thing you were going to put together was the church newsletter.

I could go on, but I miss 7.6. I miss my mac smiling at me, I miss it frowning when it wasn’t feeling well. Those were the glory days, let me tell you!

And the stock price! Anyone could have afforded to buy AAPL back then. Even Microsoft was buying millions in Apple.

If only we could go back in time to when it was all good. The author of this piece doesn’t remember those days though, but don’t blame her for ignorance, she probably wasn’t born yet.

System 7.6 represent!